sábado, 10 de mayo de 2008

One of the reasons for what I write, it´s obviously, to express myself. But its go forth; its, I have this point of view: I thing the world is wrong, damn wrong, so, it's easy to say that and live claiming that nothing is right, about the poverty and wars, and the rest of the shit. But its complicated, a lot more, make art, whatever you think is art, to say that to the world. I don't wanna be a politician; I'm not against them, but I do not want to be one; but I really feel that I can change things from the art: if I write an story, and thousands, or millions read it, and that make them think, analyze what are they reading, that is it: No everyone are going to change their point of view, but some will.

Every real man has a mission, so, that's mine.

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rotabori dijo...

Yo creo que la misión está complicada, porque antes tiene que aprender inglés y a escribir.
1. El inglés esta muy malo.
2. La redacción, ni en español cuadra. El mundo esta destrozado, pobreza, guerra, mierda, arte, políticos. De que está hablando?